Did You Know?

Did you know…you can have a celebration?

Many families gather with the Geib team and want to have a non-traditional funeral service for their loved one. In listening to the needs and wishes of our community, the Geib family built the Geib Funeral Center in Dover to accommodate both traditional and formal services, as well as relaxed, informal celebrations.

Geib works with a local caterer to provide a custom meaningful and appropriate gathering for families who choose a more informal remembrance event. Whether you desire a live band to perform, want heavy hors d’oeuvres throughout the building along with a champagne fountain and jazz music filling the air, or create an intimate environment around the large stone fireplace, to reminisce and share stories and watch old family movies, the talented Geib staff can coordinate a meaningful remembrance for you and your family.

Did you know…Pet Cremation Care

…the Geib staff heard the need for local, compassionate pet cremation care, and opened the first pet crematory in Tuscarawas County in 2005 in the Geib Funeral Center at Dover.

We work with all of the local veterinarians to provide timely, individual pet cremation for our valley’s pet families.

When the time comes and you need our services, simply have your veterinarian call us or call Geib directly. We offer free, local transportation from the veterinary clinic. If you choose to accompany your pet to the crematory, you can do that also.

You are always welcome to tour our on-site crematory, helping better understand the dignified process that takes place. Our paw print, cremation certificate, and wood-carved urns are just a few ways we create lasting keepsakes for your family to honor your relationship with your pet.

Both Geib locations offer a variety of custom pet urns, personalized jewelry items, keepsake candles, and much more to keep the memory of your pet alive.

For more information on local, caring pet cremation, please call Geib at 330-343-5506 or stop by either location where we can sit down with you and answer your questions.

Tuscarawas County’s Cremation Experts


Did you know…Cremation Authorization

…even if you have a completed cremation pre-arrangement file or documentation with an attorney that states your desire to be cremated or buried at the time of your death, your wishes may be overruled?

The Ohio Revised Code has an established order as to who is responsible for “your body upon death” and your funeral services. This right and responsibility goes to the following, beginning with an Appointed Representative, followed by your surviving spouse, the surviving child or all of the children if you have more than one, surviving parent(s), surviving sibling or siblings if you have more than one, and so forth as described in Section 2108.81 of the Ohio Revised Code.

At Geib, we take great attention to ensure your wishes are followed. An Appointment of Representative for Disposition form can be completed by you “The Declarant”, (an adult being of sound mind, willfully and voluntarily…), appointing a Representative to have the right of disposition for your body upon death. This simple form can alleviate much confusion and stress for your family at your passing.

The more you are educated and plan today, the less stress and confusion your loved ones may have to endure at the time of your passing.

For more information, please contact Geib’s knowledgeable staff to assist you with your end of life care and questions.